October 13, 2020 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Broadway Palm

Tiger Bay Club of Southwest Florida
Oct. 13: City of Fort Myers Mayoral Candidates: Kevin Anderson and Jacquelyn McMiller

Tiger Bay Club of Southwest Florida recently hosted its first in-person candidate debate at Broadway Palm with City of Fort Myers Mayoral Candidates: Kevin Anderson (R) and Jacquelyn McMiller (D). The program was moderated by NBC-2 investigative reporter Dave Elias.


Ask each candidate why they’re running for Mayor and here’s what you’ll find:
Kevin Anderson
I am running for mayor of Fort Myers to continue the things I have been stressing while on your City Council: accessibility, responsiveness, and transparency. As a resident of Southwest Florida for over 40 years, I am prepared to take on the responsibility of being the leader of this community as we rebuild our economy and restore our health from the terrifying period we are going through.
Jacquelyn McMiller
I’ve spent my life helping others, working with others, and fighting for others. Now, help me do that for our city, for every person who calls Fort Myers home. Let’s embrace the hope we have for a better future for our city, and make it a reality, together! Priority focus will be to address the inequities by enforcing development and impact fees, cut concessions to out of area interests, and deep institutional changes as it relates to funding for all of the city’s services, including its police force.
Join us for a front row seat in the hottest City race – you’ll also have a chance to ask questions and learn more about the topics that matter most to you. Please submit questions you would like to hear asked in the debate by 12pm on Friday Oct. 9.


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