What is the Tiger Bay Club of Southwest Florida

Tiger Bay Clubs exist throughout Florida as a forum for those with an acute interest in politics and public affairs. The Tiger Bay Club of Southwest Florida is a non-partisan organization that provides its members and interested citizens current information about civic, governmental and political issues important to Southwest Florida at the local, state and federal levels. We do not endorse candidates, political parties or issues. Our goal is to bring issues to you and let you decide.

Upcoming Programs

The face of Law Enforcement is changing or is it?

Sheriff Mike Scott will be discussing several current key issues that are happening throughout our country! Those topics will include the Baltimore and Ferguson issues and how it impacts us, as well as body cameras and how they are perceived.
Some items in discussion will be:

  • What impact on our ability to enforce the laws of our state and county will be wrought by the requirement for body cameras?
  • How will the issues raised in cases such as Ferguson and Baltimore impact how our police deals with the public?
  • Are we transitioning to a “hands-off” approach, at least in instances where a significant crime is not readily apparent?

This all brings about concern from the public, and rightly so, when our law enforcement officials are "handcuffed" and cannot do the jobs we expect and that our tax dollars support.

Join us to hear the latest from someone who is well known to PULL NO PUNCHES… you will get the facts, straight up, from Sheriff Mike Scott. This affects everyone, no matter what you think about the headline issues.

Join us on Wednesday, May 27th for the May luncheon event at Harborside Event Center! This is a meeting you do not want to miss!
Send us your question on these hot topics to info@swfltigerbay.org or you can ask live at the event.

Please mark your calendars for June 24th to have lunch with the TigerBay Club. A topic will be updated as soon as we have confirmation from our speaker. Check the website for updates... www.swfltigerbay.org.


DON'T FORGET! The Tiger Bay Club will meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am at Harborside Event Center, 1300 Hendry Street, Ft. Myers, 33901

Future Dates* Include:
Wednesday, May 27th - Sheriff Mike Scott and topics of important current events throughout the country
Wednesday, June 24th - TBD
Wednesday, July 22nd - TBD

*Some dates may be adjusted accordingly in recognition of holidays or other events being held simultaneously. Advance notice will be provided of any adjustments. Check the website for updated information... www.swfltigerbay.org

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