July 25, 2018 11:30 am - 1:00 pm The Marina at Edison Ford

Tiger Bay Club of Southwest Florida will host former Congressman Trey Radal  on July 25

Trey Radel built a successful media career through the power of charisma and old-fashioned hard work.  He’s reached and persuaded audiences on TV, radio, digital, and in print.

And somewhere along the way, Trey resolved to serve the people and his country by campaigning for a seat in the United States Congress. In a feat of media savvy, he built a coalition of support stretching across generational, ethnic and cultural lines. Trey Radel, the underdog from Cincinnati, won the Congressional seat in a major upset.

Trey entered the political sphere with the same ideological fervor of most first-time politicians–he loved America and wanted to serve his country and its people. But Radel’s optimism waned as he witnessed the wheelings and dealings of Congress’s most powerful members – and also resulted in a now infamous abrupt ending.

Join Tiger Bay Club of Southwest Florida on Wednesday, July 25 for an insider’s perspective in the belly of the beast – Washington, D.C.

What does really happen in D.C? What do the Legislators do, how involved are the lobbyists and is it really a “swamp” or is that an overblown analogy?  Trey will present his thoughts on these and a number of other topics in a frank and, quite honestly, entertaining fashion.  You DO NOT want to miss this insight!

Reserve your seat today.

Date: Wednesday, July 25
Registration and networking at 11:30 a.m., with lunch and program at noon.

The Marina at Edison Ford
2360 West First St.
Ft. Myers 33901

Tickets are $35 for members; $45 for non-member

Please don’t hesitate to send in your questions prior to the event to info@swfltigerbay.org OR ensure you write them down the day of the event.